DORX Project

Mintme is a platform where anyone can create a crypto token and practice trading with small amounts of money, to get trading skills for the real markets.

DORX token is my own coin, deployed on the MintMe blockchain. Anyone can create a token there.

DORX is intended to be used for transactions between members of various sites. At this time, any member can use DORX to buy advertising from,,,, and At this point DORX's value is very low (as with any other just-starting token), but no one knows its future value.


How to get DORX inside the Mintme account? There are two ways: buy directly from the token creator (me in this case) or from any user that have a sell order on the market.

How to get a DORX wallet (to make transactions out of Mintme account)?

You can use Metamask for desktop or for Android (recommended). Metamask (or other wallet app) will ask for the contract address. You can find this in your Mintme account or copy & paste it from here: 0x02ad1e4E75cc96b453C5b9Bc2F92262Fa56DB387.


How to get DORX?

There are four ways to get DORX at this time.

1. Get a donation from me. Use this support site to ask for a donation. You must include your DORX wallet address. I will send you 500 or 1000 free DORX. Just ask.

2. Buy DORX from the MintMe platform - see picture below. You may buy using Mintme coin, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and others - you must have these in your Mintme account first. You can easily put crypto into your Mintme account by using Guarda (read here) or any other wallet manager.


how to buy DORX

Also read this for more details.

3. Buy DORX from other users in the trading section of MintMe.

4. Take the DORX airdrop inside MintMe.


"Why would I buy DORX?"


There are two main reasons to buy DORX:

1. its value may increase over time and

2. you'll have bigger benefits if you buy and pay with DORX @ my sites - great offers - prices will be discounted with up to 80% if you pay with DORX.

My DORX wallet address is: 0xab8C2890C0F2FE656c00b71bf3CA78b624123E26.


These are some offers

1. Want your text advertisement added to my network of sites? Unlimited views for one year - pay 15000 DORX to the above address, add your text advertisement here and contact support to get your ad approved.

2. 10 million banner display - your 468x60 banner will be displayed 10 million times on my websites - buy now for only 50 000 DORX.

3. If you are a member of thesololist you can upgrade your account to JV or SJV using DORX. JV costs 100 000 DORX and SUPERJV costs 200 000 DORX. SUPERJV members can convert their credits to DORX!



- Buy DORX for the equivalent of $10 and I will upgrade your 5x3 account to PRO for one month (while you keep your DORX);

- Buy DORX for the equivalent of $$20 and I will upgrade your 5x3 account to PRO for 3 months (while you keep your DORX).

- Buy DORX for the equivalent of $84 and I will upgrade your account to PRO for one year.

To validate you must buy DORX from the creator - see the picture above.

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