How to pay and get paid with Guarda wallet

After some consideration I decided to use Guarda for both pay-ins and pay-outs of my all sites. It is an addition to the other methods, not a replacement.

First of all, what is Guarda? Guarda Wallet is a custody-free multiplatform cryptocurrency wallet with a user-friendly interface designed to store, manage, buy, exchange, and stake cryptocurrencies. I decided to use it because many users would want to upgrade or buy advertising but they only have a credit card and limited knowledge of crypto world. Guarda will help anyone to pay/get paid faster and better with crypto, because it's easy to install and manage, intuitive and secure. User can buy crypto with a credit card, Google Pay or Revolut and then send (pay) that crypto to anyone with a wallet for that crypto - in just a few minutes. Guarda has good reviews on important sites: Investopedia, and others.


Download Guarda here


Here is a video to help you with some basics.


If you decide to use Guarda (or other wallet), here are the addresses you need to use if you want to pay me:

To pay with TRON (TRX): TQ4QdHFZbonTofkyVqfkUg8T6LqoRBQBv2

To pay with DOGE Coin (DOGE): DKWo4ETvoaBhB1EoSBhBBuBTLXPV1CHQkt

To pay with Nano: nano_3511ius8sciwi7zpx1gg5cucqeqciky4w8h3r5zmnom7i7qpri7qx8qrthza

To pay with USDC (ERC20): 0xf071829dd37cf05702ab5825aa24f60e273b95f5

Please Copy & Paste to avoid mistakes.

If not sure, please contact us first.

About nano: Nano is a new crypto. Need to know more? Read here.

You can buy stuff from over 1000 merchants online using Nano!!

Interested?  Click here to get a free wallet.    Click here to buy Nano using your credit or debit card.

TRICK: if you want to buy something from me, just put my Nano wallet address from above into the destination account when you buy with your credit/debit card.


Get free nano here (click on Nano on the left to open the faucet).


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