Blitz Offer - Exclusive offer

From time to time we will post an exclusive offer: huge discounts, coupons or promotional codes.

The offer will be visible for a very short amount of time: 15, 30 or 60 minutes per week.

Keep an eye on the front page ( to see the offer and grab it.

The offer will be visible on a random day of the week, on all sites 5x3, 3xAS and InfoAzi. HINT: chances are bigger on weekend.

To take an offer interested visitor must create an account on 5x3 and contact support for details.

Any one can add a hot offer here. The add can be a text ad or a 728x90 banner. The price is $10 per week - 4 packs of 15 minutes. Contact us for an invoice. We accept Paypal, Skrill, Coinbase, Coinpayments, Wise. This page is a high traffic page - go here to see stats. Login with these credentials: username=wannaseeu, password=eeu4122$#xxa.

When somebody takes the offer or buys the space and pays for it, the referrer will get 25% commission if he is a Free member and 50% if he is a PRO member.

We will also pay 10% from the order to the person in the first place of the contest (contest page) at the time the order was seen by admin.

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